Why I started:


The reasons I started Potanical Skin Care were to offer handmade glowing skin care to the world and to deliver a message about living an elegant lifestyle.


How I started:


Due to my mother’s influence, I've been taught to use skin care since the age of 12. Some products brought immediate results of smoother skin, but weeks later, my skin became resistant to the effects. As time passed, I became skeptical of skin care product claims.


Until last year, my friend hand-made her own face moisturizer. That inspired me to further study hand-made skincare and make my first face oil. After two weeks of applying it, my face was glowing and brightening in a way I never experienced before. I was very excited.


After using it for a year, I realized it was very time-consuming to make the moisturizer in such small batches. Additionally, the limited shelf-life of raw materials posed a challenge.


That's why I decided to start Potanical Skin Care.


Our Vision:


We hope to serve a community of like-minded women who seek growth, elegance, and authenticity in their life and lifestyle. We envision Potanical Skin Care as a place where women feel safe, cared for and loved for being who they truly are. 


Quality Assurance:


The carrier vegetable oils, flower, and aroma essential oils used by Potanical Skin Care are imported from Europe, Australia and France have received multiple certifications, including 100% certified organic, Ecocert EU certification, USDA organic, Control Union Certification BV for the JAS, Agriculture Biologique, etc., Other high-quality raw materials are also sourced from all around the globe.  













而這也正是我為何要創辦Potanical Skin Care護膚品牌的初衷。






我們堅信Potanical Skin Care護膚品牌會成為女性的壹處溫柔港灣,讓她們展現自我的同時,感受到安全感,以及那無微不至的關愛。



Potanical Skin Care 所使用之植物油、花水及香薰精油均由歐洲澳洲法國入口並已經取得多個認証,包括: 100% Certified Organic 、Ecocert歐盟認証、USDA Organic、Control Union Certification BV for the JAS、 Agriculture Biologique等,其他所有優質之原材料亦從世界各地購入。